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4 Most Popular Residential Window Styles On The Market Today

Double-hung Windows
Casement Windows
Bay Windows
Awning Windows

Your home’s windows can make or break how comfortable you feel in your own living space. If you’re shopping for new residential windows, check out these 5 popular styles on the market including a description, image and average installation cost. Start by taking a free estimate survey at

Even if your home is only a few years old, you may find that the windows need to be replaced. Old windows can let in drafts and moisture, causing your energy bills to skyrocket, and making your home less comfortable to live in. If you’re shopping for new residential windows, check out these 5 popular styles on the market including a description, image, and average installation cost:

1. Double-hung Windows:

The most common type of window, this style has two horizontally sliding panes. They’re easy to operate and provide good airflow because you can open or close them easily. They are also simple to clean and maintain. The average cost for installation is around $350-$450–but these prices vary depending upon the size of the window, where the home is located and how many they want to be installed.

2. Casement Windows:

The exterior of these windows is designed with a hinge on one side and opens outwards. They provide great ventilation and views of your home or garden. A mechanism is often available for easy opening and closure since it’s difficult to manage without one. The average cost for installation would range between $450-$550 dollars depending upon the size and number of windows ordered and home location.

3. Bay Windows:

A popular choice for living rooms and master bedrooms, bay windows are made up of three or more window panels with two side-facing angles. They provide good ventilation views. Because of their ample size, they are perfect in any space where you want an open feeling but still want privacy! The average cost to install bay and bow windows ranges from $700-$3000 or more. It depends on window size and location.

4. Awning Windows:

A perfect way to increase your home’s ventilation, awnings offer the bonus of being able to open them even when it rains! These windows come in many shapes and sizes – some have screens on top so you can enjoy nice views while others only operate by hinges at their base. The average price range for installing new ones is approximately $550-$650 but could vary based on window size, home location and number that require installation.


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